Through Nature we can heal, thrive and rediscover ourselves again!

Your New Nature offers activities, classes, workshops and retreats using Horticultural Therapy, Art and Mindful Walking.


  • YNN serves People living with Cancer

  • Activities Children and Families

  • Sessions for Seniors including populations with dementia

  • Programs and classes for Schools, Pre-schools, After-School - Using nature as an outdoor classroom

  • HT for Wellness Centers,HospitalsCommunity Gardens, In-home care and more.

  • Horticulture classes for just plain old fun - for groups, parties, families

  • Garden Design for homes and Schools





Horticultural Therapy is a formal practice that uses plants, nature, horticultural activities, and the garden landscape to promote well-being for its participants. The four Horticultural Therapy pillars are Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Social.

HT is goal oriented with defined outcomes and assessment procedures. Donna Soszynski is a professional trained and certified Horticultural Therapist.

Horticultural therapy allows those affected with breast cancer to be in the moment, utilize cognitive abilities for those who are affected by chemo brain, easy movements for those who have developed lymphedema, and create a safe space to be social.

For People living with Cancer - Horticultural Therapy, combined with Mindfulness, can bring about: 

  • Resilience

  • Rejuvenation

  • Restorative Stress Reduction

  • Well-Being

  • Joyful Living

  • Bodyfulness

  • Emotional Healing

"You are a fantastic instructor! Your enthusiasm is infectious and makes your classes a blast.
I look forward to enjoying more of your horticulture therapy classes." Ann's Place participant 

"Donna displays a passion for the profession and has interwoven it with a

strong sense of creativity. Her status as a cancer survivor, herself, uniquely qualifies her

to deliver her teaching method with compassion, understanding and patience." Ann's Place participant

Children can become more aware of nature, anywhere anytime,
such as being mindful of the clouds in the sky while walking in the city or focusing on a single tiny flower in a vast meadow.
Catch the Wind is a family HT activity where children pick flowers and leaves to "pound" the color onto a flag.
Parents and caregivers help their children create a wind flag. which the children then use as they
"catch the wind" high in the sky or low on the grass.  
We sing a song as we create our flags...Wind, Wind, Wind, Wind...where has the wind been...I can see the wind int he clouds...
I can see the wind in the trees...I can feel the wind on my knees!
This activity promotes social interaction, use of motor skills, following instructions, being mindful of others and creativity. 

YNN facilitates the opportunity to once again get in tune with Your New Nature.

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