Classes and Workshops can be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly. 

Plant & Sip Class Febuary 2019

Planting Seeds of Love, Hope and Healing


Terrarium in a Mason Jar

HT aspects of this session.

Cognitive: Listening, following instructions and planning a design.

Physical: Fine and gross motor skills (using a dibble stick, putting the materials/plant into the jar), standing, carrying things.

Social: Interacting and helping each other in a supportive environment

Emotional:  Being able to be in the moment and away from any stress. 

This session incorporated the 4 pillars of HT:

Physical: Standing to get supplies, carrying things, fine motor skills, holding brushes, painting, having to turn and paint all sides of the birdhouse, free hand painting or sponging using a stencil

Cognitive: Following instructions, creating a design, Completing the project.

Emotional/Affective: Allow clients to able to relax and just be in the moment. It is a good break from the daily stresses, especially if someone is still actively in treatment or has ongoing health issues.

Feel productive.

Social: This is an important aspect of an HT session. Many times this might be the only time participants have been able to get out. that week. Creating a safe and supportive environment is essential. Sharing supplies. Helping each other.

I take time to implement and create all HT sessions.  Planning. organizing and gathering information, sourcing supplies, addressing the needs of the participants. 

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