Healing and creating a sense of well-being through nature, connecting with plants, gardening, mindful walking, collecting shells, sprouting seeds, engaging in a activity with other thrivers, inhaling the gentle or invigorating aroma of herbs...all of these can be part of a Horticultural Therapy program. 


Horticultural Therapy can be created for a single class/session, weekly, monthly or ongoing program for a group or individual. HT sessions are adapted for those still in treatment, living with cancer and survivors.


The idea for YOUR NEW NATURE came from my own experience of being diagnosed with cancer, going through treatment and then trying to figure "what now" after.

Do I return to life as "usual" ?

Why do I feel changed?

How do I view life?

What is really important?

How do I heal from the cancer and all the side effects of the treatments?  


I have combined my passions, to help heal myself and also how to apply my Horticultural therapy practice along with art. Bringing all the aspects of nature, natural healing, self healing, gardening, art making and combing my love of connecting with people helped develop YOUR NEW NATURE. I can bring programs of YNN to Wellness Centers, Hospitals, Community Gardens Schools and private homes. 

Currently, I have completed my Internship at Ann's Place in Danbury, CT.  Twice a month, I plan, assist and facilitate classes. Some of the classes have included: Creating a mini tabletop healing garden, Making Pinecone potpourri, Preparing Spring bulbs, Making seed tapes, Painting Birdhouses, Mason jar terrariums. All the sessions include the 4 pillars of HT - Physical, Emotional, Social, Cognitive. The emphasis is on creating a sense of well being, moving through and adapting to changes, creating a supportive environment, bringing a moment of normality during a challenging time and engaging the mind body connection.


A few kind words:

Donna..."thanks so much for this class. I really had a lot of fun. We are going to be involved in the relay for life and the terrariums are going to be at one of our themes. We are very excited that we can make these items and sell them to help  to fight cancer. Thanks for teaching us."

"That really put a smile on everyone's face" . - From a Grasshead Class

"You are the best Donna :-) ...my daughter has really taken to you and often asks if we are going to see “Miss Donna” whenever we leave our home. 😃 We are both looking forward to your next class."

One comment really stood out to me...simple but truly expresses how HT can bring a moment of "just being" was..."That was a great distraction" - which I took as a compliment - given all that cancer folks go through...one of the main issues is trying to get your mind off of constantly thinking about all the tests or treatments. HT can give a person time to be their trueselves.

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