Mini  Healing  Garden Session - HT example

In this Horticultural Therapy session you will make your own indoor Mini Healing Garden.

This mini garden can be your place to come to each day to...relax, distress, contemplate or meditate. A mini refuge.

Nature and Plants can soothe the soul...which then can calm the body.

It restores brings you back to your true and new nature.

HT sessions takes into account the physical, emotional, cognitive and social elements we need to help heal and gives you a moment of normality...a get away from the stress of living with cancer...whether still in treatment or even year's after. 

In the session, I work with each person individual needs.

It is a safe space...which allows sharing with others...unlike a traditional cancer support group the focus is not on talking about our personal cancer journey and still it is open to any and all discussion. Sessions will be held in Chappaqua, NY.     To sign email -

Each participant will get a 10 x 10 wood box, soil, pebbles, sand, stones, rocks, mini plant to create their mini garden. We will paint rocks with words that resonate with you. Heal, Joy, Love, name it.

Horticultural therapy is a modality that uses plants and nature for healing. Whether cognitive, physical, emotional or social allows those affected with breast cancer to be in the moment, utilize cognitive abilities for those who are affected by chemo brain, easy movements for those who have developed lymphedema, and create a safe space to be social. 

HT benefits:

  • Create a sense of well-being

  • Reduce stress

  • Opportunity for gentle movement or physical activity

  • increase energy

  • supportive environment



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